Chemicals in Your Home

Using chemicals in your home can cause more damage than you realize. You may not be aware, but you are using hazardous chemicals on a daily basis, from the smallest job of cleaning your bathroom to larger jobs such as shampooing your carpet. We have listed below common household chores, the chemicals attributed with these chores and the effects these may cause.


Task Associated
Type of Cleaner
Chemicals used
Cleaning your windows, glass or mirrors Window Cleaner Ammonia, Butox Ethanol Tumors, liver damage, bone marrow damage, reproductive disorders
Washing dishes Dishwashing Liquid Ethanol, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Glycol Ethers Asthma symptoms, toxic fumes
Washing dishes - using a dishwasher Automatic Dishwashing Powder Bleach, Sodium Silicate Irritation of the lungs, central nervous system disorders
Washing dishes - using a dishwasher Automatic Dishwashing Liquid Ethol Alcohol, Bleach, Heavy Fragrances Irritation of the lungs, central nervous system depression, nausea, and in severe cases death
Cleaning your bathroom, sinks, stoves, counters, and bathtubs All Purpose Cleaner Ammonia, 2-Butoxy Ethanol, Phenol Kidney and liver damage, cancer, reproductive disoders, chronic lung irritation
Cleaning your bathroom, sinks, stoves, counters, and bathtubs Scouring Powder with Bleach Bleach, Quartz Silicate Inhalation of Quartz Silicate may cause cancer due to toxic fumes being released.
Cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, counter tops Powdered Bleach Bleach Lung irritation, asthma symptoms
Cleaning toilet bowls, abthtubs, counters, sinks Disinfectant Cleaner Formaldehyde, 2-Butoxy Ethanol, Phenol Cancer, kidney damage, liver damage, reproductive disorders, central nervous system disorders
General cleaning of toilet bowls, sinks, counter tops, and laundry Liquid Bleach Bleach Vapors may interfere with brain function, casuse heart conditions, asthma, and affect reproductive system
General cleaning of toilet Toilet Bowl Cleaner Toxic Vapors have been known to interfere with brain function, produce asthmatic like symptoms, cause muscle spasms, damage blood tissue and cause reproductive disorders
Cleaning of bathtub, tiles, sinks and grout Basin, Tub, and Tile Cleaner 2-Butoxy Ethanol, Ammonia May cause tumors, liver damage, kidney damage, reproductive disorders, and central nervous system disorders
Removing hard water stains from your sinks, tiles, and bathtub Hard Water Remover Lye, Bleach, and Acids Lung irritation, cause heart attacks, asthma, bronchitis, central nervous system disorders
Cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, floor and tiles Floor Cleaner Petroleum distillates, Ammonia Cancer, tumors, kidney damage, liver damage, nervous system damage, asthma symptoms
Cleaning your oven Oven Cleaner Lye, Ammonia Lung damage, brain damage, kidney damage, reproductive disorders
Cleaner carpets, upholstery Carpet Stain Remover 2-butoxy, Formaldehyde, Ethanol, Perchlorethylene Long-term effects - cancer, liver damage, kidney damage, bone marrow damage, nervous system disorders
Daily cleaning and deodorizing Aerosol Air Freshener Butane, Propane, Ammonia, Phenol, Formaldehyde Cancer, nervous system damage, liver damage, tumors
Daily dusting and deodorizing Aerosol Dusting Spray Butane, Propane nervous system disorders, lung irritation, asthma


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