Go Green with Blue Wonder eco friendly cleaning supplies. It will cut your house cleaning and window cleaning time in half. And, it will look maid service clean. By going green with  Blue Wonder eco friendly products, you are one step closer to sustainable living. Make your home an eco house using Blue Wonder’s environmentally friendly cleaning products.
PLEASE NOTE: Specials cannot be combined with any other offers.

3 Pack Skin Cloths

The Skin Cloth (approx 9”x9”) works just like our cleaning cloths - all you need is water. It’s wonderful for people that have...

Orig.: $30.00
Sale: $25.50

Hair Towel

The Hair Towel is a great summer accessory for the beach or cabin. Works great as a body towel too.

The Tender Touch Hair Towel is made of a super absorbent microfiber fabric. This means it holds...

Orig.: $25.00
Sale: $21.25


We are blowing out an inventory of stock on Lenswipes. They are approx 4.5" x 8".  They come with their own handy pouch so you can neatly put it in a purse or pocket. Many people say...

Orig.: From $6.50
Sale: From $5.00

MicroMop - 40cm

Inventory Blowout on the 40 cm Polycarbon Mop System.  This item has been discontinued, but we still have some stock left. It includes....

PLEASE NOTE:  There will be additional shipping costs for this item which will be calculated upon receipt of your order.  The additional shipping will be approximately $10-$15 depending upon your shipping address.  Your final order total will be emailed to you for your approval prior to shipping. 

Make sure to stock up on anything else you might need.  Due to the size and volume of the mop shipment, there may be no additional shipping costs.

Orig.: $74.00
Sale: $52.50

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