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Adria Vasil’s Ecoholic Pick for 2014
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“A family favourite – and it’s made in Canada (in BC)! My mom’s had hers for over five years and swears it holds up best over time. (Just boil it now and then, like with other microfibre cloths.) Love that you’re not expected to buy five different cloths for different functions; Blue Wonder’s Classic Cloth will do windows, glass, stovetops, pots and pans, cars, electronics, chrome, sinks – you name it. More scrubby than the Wipe & Glow, and way more durable.”

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Winner of 2009 Clean Freak's Dream Award
Ecoholic column

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Blue WonderTM Cloths

  • Magnetically attract dust and dirt. Just add water!

  • Environmentally friendly! Reusable and long lasting.

  • For every surface in your home.


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Go Green with Blue Wonder eco friendly cleaning supplies. It will cut your house cleaning and window cleaning time in half. And, it will look maid service clean. By going green with  Blue Wonder eco friendly products, you are one step closer to sustainable living. Make your home an eco house using Blue Wonder’s environmentally friendly cleaning products.
Clean Green Clean Naturally.  Just add water!

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