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Blue Wonder's line of Pet Care products, provides a greener cleaner solution to keeping your pets clean and healthy.  And, in turn will help keep your home cleaner too.  There are many disposable products or products with a short lifespan for use on the market.  Our goal is to design products that are reusable, easy to use, safe for your pets, and actually work. As a matter of fact, these two products were developed out of a need for our dogs. We have found the doggy dental wipe design that works for us and hopefully will work for you too.  The Wipe'n Go Pocket Pet Towel shape made it much easier to wipe down our pets. We hope this dog towel will work for you too. 

Doggy Dental Wipe

Doggy Dental Wipe - A safe, easy and effective way to clean your dog's teeth.  It can also be used as a general wipe for eyes and ears as well.  This product was developed for...


Wipe'n Go Pocket Pet Towel

The Blue Wonder Wipe'n Go Pocket Pet Towel was specifically designed to make it easier to wipe down your pets. It works great in the house or in the car.....


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