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Go Green with Blue Wonder eco friendly personal care products. By greening and simplifying your beauty routine,
you can save money and be another step closer to sustainable living.

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Skin Cloth
Skin Cloth

The skin cloth is made from a soft microfiber terry cloth material.  This microfiber wash cloth or face cloth is excellent for removing makeup and overall facial cleaning. This product is especially suited to those people who are allergic to soaps or have sensitive skin.
Size approx: 9" x 9" - Blue

Customer Testimonial:
“I love the Blue Wonder Facial Cloth. I have tried other cloths but none are as soft.  All other cloths irritate my sensitive, rosacea skin (even cloths for infants irritate me).  I have 10 of the cloths and do not plan to ever use anything else on my face.”  JB from KY, USA

Orig.: $10.00
Sale: $9.00

Hair Towel
Hair Towel

The Tender Touch Hair Towels are made from a blend of microfibers, creating a super absorbent fabric with a large wicking capacity. This means it holds and absorbs moisture quicker than regular material.

Size: Approx. 45cm x 90cm / 17.7” x 35.4”.


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