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People are Raving About Blue Wonder!
See for yourself what some of our happy customers are saying about the Blue Wonderâ„¢ microfiber products. We would love to hear from you too!

"...tried Norwex... and it was back to the Blue Wonder cloths!"

"We have a 240 square foot 4-season, all glass solarium and these cloths are absolutely the best for keeping all that glass sparkling. We tried the Norwex system and it was back to the Blue Wonder cloths!"


"...Pure 100% Natural Cleaner concentrate... a Sure pure way .... to sanitize ... Excellent product..."

"I have just recently started using PURE 100% Natural Cleaner concentrate.  Already, I ask myself why I haven't used it till now.  A "Sure" pure way to keep things naturally clean and sanitized especially in the kitchen.  I use Ready to Use (RTU) to spray vegetables and fruit, let it sit in the sink for a few minutes then rinse well.  In today's world we really need to do this as one never knows what is on our food.  I have not used it for laundry or in the dishwasher yet, but will surely try it soon.  Excellent product.  I have a spray bottle of RTU under my sink at all times."


"I work for a jewellery store...use it for polishing glass counters & mirrors..."

"I work for a jewellery store and this is how I heard about the Blue microfiber cloth.  I use it at home and at work for dusting and polishing glass counters & mirrors.  At home I also use it on our TV and furniture.  I love this cloth it never leaves lint behind or streaks.  Quick and easy every time."


"...Premium MicroMop System.... the miracle answer to cleaning my floors... "

"I have used the Premium MicroMop System for about 10 years.  It is the miracle answer to cleaning my floors and keeps my hardwood floors "gleamingly" clean and so easy.  The Pergo mop head is the absolute answer to clean hardwood.  The dry mop head is excellent for dusting high windows and deck glass.  I use the damp/wet mop head for tile floors - I add a little liquid PURE to the water, that way I am "Sure" that nothing gets left on the floor.  No more getting down on my knees!! It is the greatest mop I have ever used - a must have in everyones home.  No need to replace mop heads, just wash them after each use."


"...my cleaners said they like the all Natural cleaning solution and the mop way better than the Swiffer Wetjet System."

"I have been looking for a more natural way to clean my floors and all other cleanable surfaces, and now I have it.

I just love the Blue Wonder products.

I bought the mop kit at the home show in Kamloops BC and started to use the wonderful mop with its varies mop pads. I love the long handle on the mop and the fact it is adjustable to any height. You can dust the floor and then the ceiling. You can even wash your windows.

My floors are laminate and tile, and my cleaners said they like the all Natural cleaning solution and the mop way better than the Swiffer Wetjet System. Plus it is a lot cheaper.

After the first cleaning I could see the difference and the floors stay cleaner longer without a build up of residue...."


"...such a simple solution to glass cleaning! I'm a watercolour artist, and have been using the cloth to clean the glass when I'm framing..."

"A new friend told me about the amazing blue wonder cloth she used to clean her windows. It sounded "too good to be true", so I admit to being a skeptic! But then she let me "borrow" her extra cloth to try on one of my windows.  Well, I'm embarrassed to admit that I cleaned one window...then all my windows...then all my car windows with that borrowed classic cloth!!  I ended up paying her for it, and have since purchased more! Who knew there was such a simple solution to glass cleaning! I'm a watercolour artist, and have been using the cloth to clean the glass when I'm framing paintings -- it's so much easier than using other glass cleaning products.  I'm continue to be impressed with my blue wonder cloth -- and I look forward to trying other products in the future!"


"...I love them... try just one you will be SOLD!!!!"

"I own my own cleaning company.  So for eight years I have been buying specials rags for window that needed alterations and buying windex, so I was buying rags the alterations to be done and windex so since I started using these rags you only need water and it is free lol and I don't have to pay to have them altered and I don't have to buy windex anymore so these rags are great NO streaking I am sooo amazed.  I found out about them threw one of my clients.  I love them... try just one you will be SOLD!!!! I recommend them to anyone!!!"


"Everything they say is true and I am already recommending them to my friends and family..."

" I have always looked for methods of cleaning that were quick, easy and did not require any toxic chemicals. When a couple of friends told me about the Wonder cloths I was sceptic, but they are the best thing for cleaning ever invented. I first of all tried it on mirrors and as my friends advised, wiped the mirrors and walked away and was so excited when I went back a few minutes later to find gleaming, streak free mirrors. I even left a mirror for my husband to have a go and yes, he was amazed as well.

I then spent all day cleaning the whole house (sinks, taps, kitchen units, worktops, electrical appliances and my many glass panels going up our stairs etc etc) and all came out the same way, gleaming. I usually use a professional squeegee for cleaning windows but tried it on my bedroom and although we get early morning sun, no streaks.

The following week we cleaned the car, dashboards, windows etc all came out gleaming with little effort.

I did have problems with some fine dust residue but my friend recommended I boil the cloth and that resolves the issue.

I am hooked, I have now purchased the mopping system and however sad it sounds, I am really looking forward to washing all my floors this weekend.

Everything they say is true and I am already recommending them to my friends and family. Even going to buy some and ship to the UK for my families Christmas presents.

Thanks Blue Wonder for making my life easier."


"I've been waiting for you for all my 82 years of cleaning...."

"Oh, Blue Wonder, where have you been all my life?

I've been waiting for you for all my 82 years of cleaning... well, after subtracting a few growing up years.

Armed with my mighty Blue Wonder, I can zip through a multiple of chores involving glass, like my windows, mirrors, glass fronted pictures, computer and television screen and on and on.  And, I do all of that merrily, happily, and speedily!

Gone are the buckets of vinegar water, bottles of Windex, stacks of cleaning cloths, and the mess of using newspapers.  Gone, gone, all of it!

Thank you for finally releasing me from all that drudgery."


"Everyone I know who uses your products gives them a 10 out of 10..."

 "I started my own environmentally-friendly home cleaning business in 2006 and my major goal was to use non-toxic, chemical-free cleaning products that were made in Canada. I soon discovered Blue Wonder cloths and decided to try them out. I was instantly ecstatic with your products and now use them daily. The cloths look as good today as they did three years ago and my client’s love that I do not need to use anything other than water. My daughters swim competitively and get much use out of your hair turban and face cloths. It gives me peace of mind that I can control my daughter's teenage skin problems without using harsh creams or alternatives. In fact I recommend your face cloths to all my friends who have teenage children with blemish problems. Everyone I know who uses your products gives them 10 out of 10. Thank you to everyone at Blue Wonder." 


"Blue Wonder Cloths are the Best for Windows, Mirrors and Anything Else..."

 "Thank God for the Blue Wonder cloth! I received my cloth for a birthday gift from my sister-in-law, and she said you have to use it to believe it. That’s so true! In the last four years I have not bought a bottle of window cleaner or any house cleaners for cleaning. Blue Wonder is absolutely the best. I told my friends and family, since then most of them have purchased one… Blue Wonder cloths are the best for windows, mirrors, and anything that needs to be clean. It leaves no streaks or no scratches. Thank you so much."


"My Mouth Flew Open at the Results! Unbelievable…"

"I’m more than happy to share my experience with your wonderful Blue Wonder!!!! Approximately 10 years ago, my friend's sister came into my office "peddling" the cloth for her friend who was selling them.  When she said she could clean the front glass door with streak free results by using only water, my immediate response was "yeah, Right!" My mouth flew open at the results! It was unbelievable. I continue to use Blue Wonder cloths not only in my office, but at home and in the motor home. Everybody's skepticism totally disappears when I demonstrate the marvels of this product. It is so easy to tidy up when someone calls to say they are coming by. They launder extremely well to perform marvelously time after time. I have purchased them for my daughter-in-law as well to ensure that when I visit and help her around the house, I am never without my Blue Wonder!!!"


"The Blue Wonder Cloth is Amazing!”

"The Blue Wonder cloth is amazing! I own a cleaning business and we use the cloths in Kelsey's and Montana's restaurants. They clean windows, computer screens, brass and faucets, etc. with such ease.  What a great time saver and chemical reducer. I save money by not having to buy chemical cleaning products each month, plus they are better environmentally and for health reasons too. No more breathing smelling chemical fumes. I’ve been using them for 3 years and I just love these cloths." 


"You Realize How Much Money You Save By Not
Having to Buy Chemical Cleaning Products…”

"I have been using the Blue Wonder cloths for over a year now. I discovered the cloths through a cleaning service and before that I used every kind of window cleaner imaginable. Nothing seemed to work really well without leaving streaks or looking foggy. After watching what the cleaning lady did with her Blue Wonder cloths, I ordered several of them and gave some to family and friends. I put one in each bathroom and kitchen of my home, and I just ordered more for the young man who details my cars. I have a deluxe Blue Wonder cloth that I use to clean my eyeglasses with, and there are no smudges or streaks after cleaning. The Blue Wonder cloths seem a little pricey until you realize how much money you save by not having to buy all the cleaning products, but you also save time because the cloths clean so efficiently." 


"I Don’t Buy Any More Cleaning Products for My House;
I Simply Use My Faithful Blue Wonder Cloth!”

"I have been using the Blue Wonder Cloth for at least 5 or 6 years now. My cousin first gave me one and I loved it so much that I had her send me another one. Those two cloths have lasted all this time! I recently ordered more Blue Wonder Cloths, and I don’t buy any more cleaning products for my house, I simply use my faithful Blue Wonder Cloth. I know things are clean when I am wiping a surface and the cloth just skims over the surface without any hesitation. I love this cloth for cleaning windows (no more streaks!) and for cleaning my glasses. I’ve bought Blue Wonder cloths for each of my daughters-in-law and also they really enjoy using them. Thanks for producing such a wonderful product!"


"Blue Wonder Takes the Drudgery Out of Cleaning…
There is No Other Cloth like It"

"When I showed the Blue Wonder cloth to several friends, their initial reaction was skepticism at the cost of this little blue cloth until I let them try it and they saw for themselves what it can do. Blue Wonder takes the drudgery out of cleaning. There is no other cloth like it! The cloth is amazing. I don't know what I would do without it! I am now ordering more cloths – I want one for bathroom, kitchen, car, windows, etc. I also want to give my mother and sister-law one as a gift."


ORDER NOW: All products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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"I Have Started Buying them For My Adult Grandchildren
Who Loved Using Gramma’s “Magic” Cloth…”

"I worked in an antique store and the owners bought one of your cloths for the display cases and glass and crystal. It worked so well I bought my own in 1997. The cloth made cleaning windows, the bathroom and my car so much easier, faster and less expensive (no cleaners). Since then, I’ve bought cloths for family and friends who of course love them. Now I have started buying them for my adult grand children who loved using Gramma's "Magic" cloth. My favorite purchase was for my brother who laughed at the gift and then did his car windows but only did half the back window with the Blue Wonder cloth and the other half with paper towel and cleaner. Needless to say only half the window was streak free – he’s now a Blue Wonder cloth fan too!!  Over the last 45 years I’ve bought all kinds of gizmos and gadgets but the Blue Wonder cloth is the only thing that does WORK!! Thank you so much."


"I’m constantly Impressed at the Clean, Shiny, Streak-Free
Results Achieved Without the Use of Chemicals…"

"I first heard about Blue Wonder on February 4th, 2008 at a Bridge evening from a friend who was singing its praises: not our usual bridge chatter! Curious but a bit skeptical, I took her advice and ordered my first Blue Wonder cloth. Well, everything she had claimed was true! I now own 3 classic cloths, 1 deluxe cloth and a lens wipe. Being very eco-conscious, I'm constantly impressed at the clean, shiny, streak-free results achieved without the use of chemicals. I use my cloth for glass, mirrors, sinks, furniture, counter tops, taps, everything. I'm a convert and now plan to introduce my sisters and my daughter to the amazing Blue Wonder cloth world!"


"Chemical Free is the Way to Go…"

"My son no longer suffers from itchy eyes and a runny nose every time he walks in a freshly cleaned bathroom! Chemical free is the way to go."  


"It Saves Money by Not Using Paper Towels…
One Wipe and the Job is Done!"

"I first heard about Blue Wonder from my sister. When I'd go over to her place, it always was shining and I use to say to her “How do you get the windows so clean without streaking?” She finally told me about Blue Wonder, the little miracle rag that does the trick. I decided to order a couple of classic x-large household cloths and now I use them every day on my appliances, mirrors, and windows. This is my third year using them now and couldn't do without them. It saves money not using paper towels. One wipe and the job is done. Blue Wonder is a miracle."


"No Streaks!"

"I heard about the wonder cloth from my sister-in-law. She asked me if I wanted to buy one but when I heard the price, I hesitated. About a month went by and she kept talking about how great the cloth was. One day she cleaned her window to show me and after that I was convinced it was worth the price. No streaks! My neighbor kept complaining about her French doors and told me nothing she tried would take the streaks out of the glass. When I got my cloth, I gave it to her for one day and she's been sold ever since."


"I Loved It From the Start… So Fast and Easy!"

"I first saw the Blue Wonder cloth demonstrated at a home show and thought it worked great. I bought the Wonder Classic cloth and loved it from the start. It’s all I use on mirrors and stainless steel appliances. Thank you, it is so fast and easy and it saves me a ton of time!"


"I Have Ordered Three More Cloths and Will
Recommend Them to All of My Friends…"

"I purchased mirrored sliding doors for my bedroom and after having them installed, I found glue and streaks all over them. I tried window cleaner, ammonia, and nail polish remover, glue removing product, hot soap and water all to no avail. The mirrors were streaked and glue smudged for good! Or, so I thought.

In despair I searched the Internet on how to remove streaks and glue from mirrors and several people suggested using a microfiber cloth. I decided to order one from Blue Wonder and I can truthfully say I tried the cloth not really expecting results.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!. My mirrored sliders are now sparkling clean and streak and glue free! I have ordered three more cloths and will recommend them to all my friends.”


"I’ve Owned Other Microfiber Cloths But Nothing Does
as Good a Job as My Blue Wonder!"

"I’ve had my Blue Wonder cloth for many years now. It’s still in great shape and working just as well as the first time I used it. I need to have more Blue Wonder cloths so I can keep one for windows, one for the vehicles, and one for all other cleaning purposes... I’ve owned other microfiber cloths but nothing does as good a job as my "Blue Wonder." I’ve talked about it extensively with others in my town, so now I will inform them that it can be ordered online. Thanks!"


"It’s the Only Cloth I Can Use on My Laminated Floor…"

"I first heard about the Blue Wonder cloth about three years ago from a friend who visited Canada and came back with one. I didn't believe her when she kept telling me that you could wash windows streak free – until she let me use it, and it was amazing! I ordered one cloth for myself 3 years ago and about 10 more for family and friends. I decided it was time to order another one... It is a terrific cloth and the only cloth I can use on my laminated floor. Have a great day and looking forward to receiving my Blue Wonder!"


"When I Saw How Streak Free the Surfaces Were
I Decided to Order Some More Cloths!"

"My mother gave me a Blue Wonder cloth in my Christmas stocking. I didn't know what it was… I thought it was just another cleaning rag, so I ended up tearing it in half and using it for a few cleaning jobs. Then mom came to visit and wanted to clean my mirrors and asked for the cloth. Oops. I gave her one of the pieces that was left and she cleaned my mirrors, then used it to clean our granite counter and the stainless oven and microwave. When I saw how streak free the surfaces were I decided to order some more cloths. I use them to clean everything. They are awesome!!!!"


ORDER NOW: All products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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