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Car Washing Using Microfiber Cloths

Our Classic and Deluxe Microfiber Cloth are ideal for washing your car both inside and out and it dries streak free.  So you don't have to worry about wiping your car down with a dry rag. With our cloths and just hot water:

  • it won't take you nearly as long to wash your car
  • reduces the amount of water used
  • eliminates the potential of getting totally soaked (unless of course, you want to be ;-)

Regular Vehicles

We recommend that you wash your car with our Classic Microfiber Cloth. If the car is exceptionally dirty, you should rinse it off first. However, if you wash your car on a regular basis probably don't need to do this.

Here's what to do:

  1. Fill a bucket with hot water.
  2. Take the microfiber cloth and rinse it in the hot water.
  3. Start with the windows and mirrors first - both inside and out.  Everything will dry streak free, so you want to do your windows and mirrors first so they look great. 
  4. Then wash everything else on the vehicle from cleanest to dirtiest

You may need to change the water depending on how dirty the vehicle is.  If the microfiber cloth is leaving streaks, you know its time. 

The great thing is you can even wash your car in the garage in the winter, without any worries about creating a mess.

Collectible and Antique Cars

If you are a car buff into collecting and restoring collectible or antique cars, we recommend using our Deluxe Microfiber Cloth. 

It is made of a finer weave than our Classic Microfiber Cloth and therefore will minimize the potential for scratches.  Scratches usually happen when particles get stuck in the cloth. The Deluxe microfiber cloth is so finely woven it minimizes the chance of particles getting trapped in turn minimizing the potential of scratches when you wash your car.

Car Washing Tip 

Use your microfiber cloth to remove tree sap from your car.  You need to put a little elbow into it, but it comes off nicely without any cleaners.

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