Blue Wonder Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - Classic Medium
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Classic Cloth - Medium
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The Classic Medium microfiber cloth is an all purpose household cleaning cloth that can be used on almost any surface. Approx Size: 12.6" x 12.6"

It is the only cloth you'll ever need. It's versatility makes it perfect for:

* households
* restaurants
* hotels
* offices
* automobile dealerships
* marinas
* airlines
* grocery stores
* hair salons
* and many other commercial, domestic, and outdoor / leisure applications.

The Blue Wonder Classic Cloth is an all-purpose cloth, perfect in design and quality for all your house cleaning needs. It is recommended for window cleaning, mirrors, TV / computer screens, sinks, kitchen cabinets, stovetops, microwave ovens, furniture, countertops, dishes, pots & pans, porcelain, bikes, cars, motorbikes, boats, silk plants, blinds, computers, household electronics, hard surface flooring, chrome and other high-gloss surfaces, picture frames, instruments, etc.

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