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Premium MicroMop System
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Price: $84.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: 908084

PLEASE NOTE:  There will be additional shipping costs for this item which will be calculated upon receipt of your order.  Within North America, the additional shipping will be approximately $15-$20 depending upon your shipping address.  Your final order total will be emailed to you for your approval prior to shipping. Make sure to stock up on anything else you might need.  Due to the size and volume of the mop shipment, there may be no additional shipping costs.

The Premium MicroMop is a great mopping system.  It's a safe and effective mop for washing all floor types and more without leaving a dull residue like most disposable pads.  You can also use the MicroMop to clean siding on your home, windows, walls, ceilings, RVs, campers, boats, etc. 

The Premium MicroMop System comes with:

  • 1.2 meter (4 ft) telescopic handle that extends to 1.8 meters (6 ft)
  • 40 cm (16") aluminum mop frame anti-swivel lock, snap on cloth holders and velcro attachments for the mop heads
  • 40 cm (16") damp/wet mop head or pergo mop head
  • scrubber pad
  • securipad - to be applied when you want to use a cloth (instead of a mop head) on the mop frame

Choose the damp/wet mop head if you are washing hardwood, tile, linoleum or more traditional types of flooring. 

Choose the pergo mop head if you are washing laminate, cork, bamboo or the newer flooring that requires damp mopping only (floors that should not be saturated with water). 

The Premium MicroMop has a reusable cleaning pad which is easy to clean and eliminates the need to "just throw it away" (along with pads, bottles from cleaning fluid, batteries, etc.).

By using the Premium MicroMop:

  • you're not adding to land fills
  • you are helping to protect the environment
  • you eliminate chemicals for a healthier home environment
  • and you save time and money.

Made in Sweden

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Other mop accessories are also available too such as the:

Pergo Mop Head - due to its low pile, this mop is especially made for cleaning laminate floors

Dry Mop Head -  is made from microfiber which is great for attracting dust, lint, and pet hair. It is used dry to dust floors and can also be used for dusting walls and ceilings. 

Scrubber Pad - fits between the frame and mop head.  When sweeping or mopping the floor, step on the scrubber pad to remove scuffs.

Classic Large Cloth - the cloth fits snuggly over your frame and into the cloth holders enabling you to wash windows.


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