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Skin Cloth
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Customer Testimonial:
“I love the Blue Wonder Facial Cloth. I have tried other cloths but none are as soft.  All other cloths irritate my sensitive, rosacea skin (even cloths for infants irritate me).  I have 10 of the cloths and do not plan to ever use anything else on my face.”  JB from KY, USA

The Skin Deep skin cloth uses a very soft micro-fiber cloth, made from 75% polyester and 25% nylon. The structure and feel of this cloth is a velvety terry cloth material and can be used wet or dry to exfoliate and increase blood circulation of your skin.

This super soft skin cloth has been created exclusively for skin, face and body washings. No soap, lotions, or other ingredients are required. Warm water will clean the skin right down to the pores. To remove make-up, you may use a mild cleanser (although it may not be necessary). Please wash gently, do not rub extensively and feel the spa like effect at home.

The skin cloth or face cloth is excellent for overall facial cleaning. This product is especially suited to those people who are allergic to soaps or have sensitive skin.

This microfiber wash cloth is also phenomenal for people who suffer from acne. The cloth pulls from the depth of the pores, to remove impurities and bacteria within the skin. As it draws up impurities, you may notice your skin may get worse before it gets better.  However, daily maintenance thereafter will help to maintain a clear complexion. Instead of purchasing overpriced acne medications that contain toxins and may be harmful to children, choose a gentle, natural, more effective way to remove dirt and residue.

The cloth can also be used dry for gentle removal or exfoliation of dry or dead skin (exfoliation).

Size approx: 9" x 9" - Blue

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