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Doggy Dental Wipe
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Doggy Dental Wipe - A safe and effective way to clean your dog's teeth.  It can also be used as a general wipe for eyes and ears as well.

It's safe for humans too! So, if you are wondering if it actually works, try it on yourself first and feel the difference.

Just use water, if needed. No toothpaste or other cleaning products required.
Flap design Designed to minimize risk of cleaning wipe being swallowed.
Soft microfiber fabric Gentle on the mouth and it is easy to feel the areas you are massaging and cleaning.
Nap on the fabric Makes it easier to clean ridges and a bit between the teeth
Re-usable May be put in a laundry bag and washed with lint free items.

Instructions for Use

1.       The dental wipe can be used dry or damp.
2.       Insert one or two fingers into the wipe with the long flap over the palm of the  hand.
3.       Hold the flap with your thumb and remaining fingers.
4.       Gently insert your fingers in the dog’s mouth and rub gently back and forth along tooth and gum line.
5.       Optional:  You can also fold the flap up holding it with your thumb.  This will allow you to clean both sides of the teeth at the same time.

The Story Behind the Dental Wipe
This product was developed for cleaning Sunny and Taylor’s teeth.  We wanted something that was easy to use, actually worked and felt comfortable using.  We tried the products on the market and weren't 100% satisfied with any of them. The results of the products researched and tested on our dogs are listed below. Obviously, results may vary depending upon the dog.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Sunny would not let me put the toothbrush in her mouth, but licked off the toothpaste she thought was yummy.  Taylor would let me put it in her mouth but squirmed the whole time – making brushing not very effective.

Rubber Finger with Bristles:  This to me is a hazard as it could come off and be swallowed.  When I tried it on Sunny and Taylor, they took to this better as it was my finger and not a totally foreign object in their mouth.  However, the rubber doesn’t allow for the ability to know where you are rubbing.

Arm & Hammer Dental Finger Wipes–  Sunny and Taylor did not mind this again because it fits over my finger and is not a totally foreign object to them.  However, the Caution label on product reads: “Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. Not intended for human use.”  With these warnings, I did not feel comfortable using it.

Ora-Clens Dental Wipes– I did not actually try this as I would have had to order it online.  However, it is similar to the Arm & Hammer Product with a similar Caution label, but is just a round pad.

Based on the testing, we developed a doggy dental cleaner that we are much happier with. 

And, prevention is much cheaper than going to the dental vet.

We hope you will like it too!

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